Bali Art, Culture & Legends

Bali Art, Culture & Legends
Original language
  • I Gusti Ngurah Darsana
Suwecan Widhi, Kindle (2nd Edition eBook)
Publication date
1999, June 2018 2nd Edition
  • legends
  • culture
  • religion
  • spiritual life
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                    Exploring the daily life, culture, religion, and legends that form the heart and soul of one of the most prestigious and mysterious spiritual culture alive in the world. The book is inspired by my personal experience living within the community village called Banjar for over 10 years, participating in cultural and religious activities. I've come to realise that it was my destiny, that I was chosen somehow, and that it was revealed to me in a series of visions and events in the course of my life, which eventually led me to Bali, albeit initial resistance. The text and stories are based on the actual Bali Hindu- Buddha teachings and scriptures gathered, summarized and translated from official mythology and schoolbooks. I did my best, with some help, to bring flow to the stories without personal influence or hearsay. Also, there aren’t any comparisons made with India's Hindu beliefs, but for some footnotes when relevant. Traditionally, the stories are passed down through the generations mostly via verbal singing called kekawin, heard in temple ceremonies and Wayang puppet plays. These were written in an ancient script called Aksara Bali, a variant of India’s Sanskrit.