Bali - A Paradise Created

Bali - A Paradise Created
Original language
    Tuttle Publishing; 2 edition
    Publication date
    April 10, 2012; 1989 (first edition)
    • history
    • anthropology
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                      Although Vickers is an Australian scholar of Indonesian history and culture, this book was not written for a scholarly audience. Rather, Vickers’ work is aimed at the educated traveller seeking a more penetrating analysis of Bali than that offered by standard guide books. Given that he is writing for readers interested in scholarly perspectives on Bali but reluctant to wade through detailed academic treatises, Vickers is successful in his enterprise. His book offers extremely readable discussions of prev ious historical, literary and academic writings on Bali, with references available in the end- notes for those who wish to go on to the original sources. Indeed, its theoretical argument aside, Vickers* book has value as a source book for novices interested in Baliology. Vickers supplements his discussion of Bali’s shifting imagery with a modest selection of visual images, including several sketches of Balinese daily life drawn from the books of Miguel Covarrubias and Louise Koke, and thirty riveting black-and-white historic photographs and reproductions of Balinese paintings....