Bali, Ancient Rites in the Digital Age

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Bali, Ancient Rites in the Digital Age
    Bab Publishing Indonesia
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    • rites; photography
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                    Bali: Ancient Rites in the Digital Age is a personal portfolio of work by the photographer of Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana—offering a close view of rituals that few people have seen, often in remote villages of the island. The Hindu Balinese ceremonies described by author Diana Darling cover rites of passage and the rituals of death as well as those devoted to the gods, to the lower spirits, and the initiation of priests. As a Balinese from a Brahmana priestly family, Adnyana brings an insider's knowledge of his subject, and he is often granted exceptional access to rare ritual ceremonies. Thus, he is able to photograph with the highest possible intimacy.