Abdul Aziz: the Artist and his Art

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Abdul Aziz: the Artist and his Art
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                      This large volume is a retrospective of one of Indonesia's most renowned painters, Abdul Aziz (1928-2002). The idea for this book was conceived by the late artist's wife and so it is also a tribute to Abdul Aziz, the man. In the first half of the book, memories, stories and anecdotes from family and friends are used to reconstruct his early years and mark milestones in his life. Recollections are generously interspersed by sketches, photographs and mementoes. The second part of the book focuses on his oeuvre. An essay by art historian Astri Wright illuminating on the context and different periods of the art of Abdul Aziz introduces some of the artist's sketches and full-page colour plates of his paintings. Painter of the “Mona Lisa of Bali”, the Indonesian artist Abdul Aziz was an extraordinary Renaissance man. A revolutionary fighter, artist, sculptor. musician and violin maker, he also kept an astonishing store of original documents, sketches and photographs. His life story as told within these pages is also the history of Indonesia during the last century, seen through his own recollections and those of his friends and family. Too busy to hold exhibitions during his life and spurning the commercial art world, his life and work is now made public for the first time. This book reveals a world-class genius who created a stunning body of work over his lifetime, carefully reproduced in very high quality resolution for all to see and enjoy.