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Stephanie Brookes
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Stephanie Brookes
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Stephanie Brookes is a Bali resident. She has lived in Indonesia since 2001. In 2014 Stephanie together with her husband, David Metcalf published a cultural travel book, "Indonesia's Hidden Heritage - Cultural Journey's of Discovery", which covers 12 stories, 12 islands and 12 different ethnic tribes. A specialist Bali based Indonesian travel writer for over ten years, Stephanie searches out some of the more remote destinations in Indonesia. Her work has been published in NowJakarta, Garuda Colours, KLM Holland Herald and Forbes Travel. Her latest project involves supporting a cultural connection community initiative in Ubud, Bali called Ubud Village Plate, where travellers join a Balinese host family for dinner, in a Balinese home and cook together with the family. A great supporter of education and literacy projects in Bali and Kalimantan. Please check out

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