Rosvita Flaviana Osin

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Rosvita Flaviana Osin
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Rosvita Flaviana Osin
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Rosvita adalah staf dosen di Akademi Komunitas Manajemen Perhotelan Indonesia, Triatma Mapindo Badung, Bali. Rosvita menamatkan studi sarjana dan masternya dari Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Triatma Mulya, Denpasar Bali dengan kualifikasi manajemen perhotelan dan pariwisata untuk masing-masing strata. Sebagai penulis di bidang pariwisata/perhotelan, beragam topik yang menjadi fokus tulisan Rosvita meliputi strategi pengembangan desa wisata, serta peran peremuan dan milenial di bidang pariwisata.

Examples of work

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The area of Nyambu and Baru Marga Village, Tabanan Regency is very potential to be developed. This village has interesting natural characteristics, unique social and cultural life. In its development, it is necessary to pay attention to the existence of the millennial generation where currently tourism travel is dominated by millennials and grows in a digital environment. This research is a descriptive qualitative research and quantitative descriptive. Qualitative research is used to determine the role of the millennial generation in developing tourist villages. Quantitative research is conducted to determine the characteristics and motivation of millennial tourists by using frequency analysis. This study used 100 respondents who represented the characteristics and motivations of millennial tourists in Bali as well as semi-structured interviews with 6 people who needed to be known. The results of this study indicate that the age group between 20-25, totaling 75 people, is a potential market in promoting and introducing more about Nyambu and Baru Marga tourism villages. The highest number of millennial tourists visiting tourist villages is from the type of work as students as much as 46%. It is known that the majority of tourists visiting tourist villages are male with a percentage of 54%. Motivation is a determining factor for millennial tourists to take a tour of the survey results of 100 respondents, 76% stated that visiting the tourist village of Nyambu and Desa Baru Marga Tabanan because of natural attractions.
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