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Putu Sucita Yanthy

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Putu Sucita Yanthy
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Putu Sucita Yanthy
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Putu Sucita Yanthy is a lecturer at the Faculty of Tourism. She completed her Doctorate Program in 2016 at Udayana University. Her dissertation is titled Kontribusi Perempuan Dalam Mengangkat Kuliner Lokal Untuk Mendukung Pariwisata Bali (Women’s Contribution in Promoting Local Food to Support Tourism in Bali). She actively conducts research and joins activities at Udayana University. Her research interests include women in tourism, gastronomy and culinary fields. She had an opportunity to take part in Mobility for Teaching Staff program at the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2018. Since 2019-present she doing research postdoctoral program entitled Tourism Education and Women in Bali at University of Angers, France.

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Examples of work

The number of Balinese women taking tourism education at various levels appears to be increasing in line with the development of tourism education institutions and the tourism industry in Bali. This article analyzes the motivation of Balinese women in pursuing higher education in tourism, starting from the Bachelor level to the doctoral program. By applying a qualitative method, this article collects data through interviews with 30 Balinese women who have taken tourism education at various levels. The results show that Balinese women are motivated to take tourism education for several reasons, including the motivation to get a job in the tourism sector, they have families who work in the tourism sector, and they live in Bali which has more job opportunities in the tourism sector. By taking tourism education, Balinese women who were informants in this study proved that they had found better jobs and career opportunities in the tourism industry. Their experiences have also become a source of inspiration for other Balinese women to take the same career path.
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