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Nyoman Suradnya was a Balinese painter from Ubud. He specialized in three main media: batik, oil, and watercolor. Nyoman was an established artist in residence in Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore. Nyoman's artwork has been featured all over the world in such countries as Switzerland, Australia, Italy, and Guam (USA). He was also a strong advocate for sustainable tourism that protected the culture and environment of Ubud. With his friend, Tjok Raka Kerthyasa, he founded Bina Watasa, which roughly translates as "guiding tourism." Their goal was to educate tourists about enriching and environmentally sustainable practices that allowed them to experience all of Ubud in a responsible way. Nyoman is remembered for his "larger-than-life" personality and as an important advocate for the preservation of the culture and environment of Ubud.

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