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"Indonesia, and Bali in particular, has lots of beauty to offer. Louis Nagelkerke is not only fascinated by the beauty of the people, but also by all the wonderfull things religion has brought the country, such as temples and buddha statues. During his many journeys through Indonesia, Louis noticed that it is a very rich country in many ways. Louis believes that this has a lot to do with the fact that the Indonesian people are pround of their country. When Louis travels through Bali to take pictures for his paintings, the local people enjoy that. Meanwhile, it is not special for them. They live with all that beauty, their rich culture and traditions every day. They are used to it. When Louis paints Balinese people, he tries to show them how beautiful and rich their culture is, how beautiful they are themselves. For Louis personal[ly], it is important that he, while photographing and painting the people, can make a part of their personality his own. It is a search for beauty, mysticism, culture, folklore, very much related to daily life; the folklore our modern western society lost over the years.

Born February 3, 1949 in Eindhoven Education in ceramics, window dressing, drawings and paintings Well known since the 80's through many exact portraits

His paintings are unique through the expression of mysticism and sphere. His inspirations Louis Nagelkerke finds almost through his vivid relation to the eastern culture and people. Musicians and dancers, especially from the wonderful island Bali. Besides that his paintings are also influenced through the theatre.

Louis is an outstanding artist and always openminded for new ideas.

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Examples of work

Kebang Sepatu
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120 x 150 oil on canvas with goldleaves
Bali Offering


Bali Woman from Ubud
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