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Dewa Ayu Posmaningsih adalah dosen tetap pada Politeknik Kesehatan Lingkungan di Jurusan Kesehatan Lingkungan. Posmaningsih menamatkan studi master pada bidang Kesehatan Masyarakat dari Universitas Udayana.

Examples of work

Community participation is a contributing factor to the success of waste management. Behavioral changes must be instilled from an early age. The Booklet is a suitable medium used for changes in the behavior of elementary school students. The waste sorting material can be more easily explained by using text messages and pictures. Quasi-experimental research with one group pretest and posttest design. The sampling method is Multistage Random sampling large sample taken for research is 90 people at 65 elementary school in South Denpasar. The instrument of this research is a questionnaire, with data retrieval technique done through interview analysis compare mean paired sample t-test. There is the difference of knowledge, attitude, and action before and after counseling method of self- evaluation by media booklet with a value of (p <0.001). Health promotion efforts by optimizing the role of School Health Services. For further research can be done research on the role of teachers and parents in health promotion activities.
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