Agus Teja Sentosa Gus Teja

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Agus Teja Sentosa
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Gus Teja
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Gus Teja is a flute (Suling) maestro from a small village near Ubud, Bali. He is the youngest of four children from his parents I Nyoman Kadjil and Ni Wayan Darpini. He began playing the flute while attending elementary school, yet spent a lot of time during this period practicing the gamelan (Balinese traditional instrument). As the years progressed, his interest in wind instruments increased. This sparked the obsession in learning all there was about wind instruments from around the world.

Since childhood Gus Teja is excited to be a flute player. Flute is an instrument with melodious voice that represents the voice of peace. He feels free when everytime playing flute as well as a form of meditation in his devotion to God.

Gus Teja continued to challenge himself by creating new instruments to go along with his passion of flutes. Ranging from whittled wood instruments to full fledged bamboo flutes. He is always experimenting with creating new works of music by incorporating musical instruments from modern instruments with traditional sounds. After years of patience and practice, Gus Teja finally formed a world music band named Gus Teja World Music.

Musical works that have been created not only represent an expression of his feeling from the deepest part of his heart, but also reflects peace, serenity, and a strong bond of brotherhood regardless of cultural background or a different race. Gus Teja said, “Music is universal … therefore through music let’s bring peace and love to the world.

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