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BASAbali is a collaboration of scholars, governments, artists, and community members from within and outside of Bali which is encouraging people to value local languages and to take action to strengthen them alongside of national and international tongues.

Our primary vehicle is a multimedia Balinese-English-Indonesian wiki dictionary and encyclopedia which we use to engage the public, to revitalize local languages in the modern digital world, and to create free digital language resources.

This recent documentary and this article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review provide a sense of the philosophy behind the wiki, which has been used by close to 1/2 million users to date. In February 2018, in honor of the International Mother Language Day, BASAbali was named as this year's International Linguapax Award winner, a prize for advances in the promotion of linguistic diversity and multiculturalism.

For information about team members, BASAbali and other language materials, please visit .

We thank all of the users, sponsors and donors for their support. In addition to the special donors listed on particular shelves or entries in the wiki, we also would like to thank the following for wiki-wide assistance:



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