• bridgegroom or bride
  • married (officially)
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Suba nganten?
Are you married?

Tiang…tiang dini matulung e..lakar ngaenang keponakane banten, lakar nganten.
I’m…i’m here going to help my nephew prepare offerings, (he/she) will get married.

Yadiastun cenikan I Made Rai malunan maan jodoh tekening beline. Suud ento mara beline nganten. Cara panglingsire ngorahang, buka makedengan ngad.
[example 1]
Even I Made Rai is younger, he got married first, then, his older brother got married later. The elders said, just like pulling a knife which is made of bamboo.

Ngalih gae malu; suba ngelah ngae gegem, mara nganten.
[example 2]
Get a job first; after you have a steady job, then get married. This is rather obvious. Now see 'senduk' (record no. 113 FE), for the sequel, which is a pun used if a person wants to get married before he does have a steady job.

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