• to visit
  • on a trip of any kind, or go around, or wander with goal or purpose in mind (vs mailehilehan = aimless, purposeless wandering)
  • go out for pleasure or relaxation
  • play
Unknown [edit]
Northern Form
Unknown [edit]

Usage Examples

Tiang jagi malali ka Museum Neka.
I am going to visit the Museum Neka.

Titiang jagi malali ka Pantai Mengening. Ring dija margine, nggih?
[example 1]
I would like to go to Mengening Beach. Where is the way?

Tiang lakar malali.
I want to travel/do sightseeing.

Malali api.
Play with fire.

Made: Saking napi, Gus? Putra: Tiang saking Buleleng, Beli. Tiang jagi malali ka Sanur.
[example 2]
Made : Where are you from, Brother? Putra: I am from Buleleng, Brother. I am planning to tour to Sanur.

Nyen demen malali api; ia lakar kebus.
[example 3]
Whoever likes to play with fire; he will get burned. This is not generally used as in English. It usually refers to a man who has had an affair with a woman. If she gets pregnant, he should be prepared to marry her, since he “asked for it”.

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