• young coconut, fourth state of maturity, very thin meat, just before kuwud
  • the series of names of coconut stages, from youngest to most mature is: bungsil, bungkak, kuud gamarik, kuud samambuh, kuwud, kuud pengeliklik, nyuh
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Northern Form
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Usage Examples

Mencret : Yeh Kuud anggen ubad sakit basang mencret. Duang gelas yeh kuud; a gelas yeh anget. Gula batu; uyah abedik. Campur bahane makesami; aduk rata. Dados minum pangelemengin.
[example 1]
Diarrhea: The water from a young coconut can be used a a treatment for diarrhea. Mix two glasses of the water from a young coconut with one glass of warm water, some rock sugar and a little salt. Mix well. The mixture can be taken as often as possible.

  1. Usada Semeton Muntigunung; Zukunft fur Kinder